Sebastian Sardina

Sebastian Sardina

Professor in Artificial Intelligence

RMIT University

I am a Professor at the School of Computing Technologies, RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia). I completed my PhD and MSc in the Cognitive Robotics Group at the University of Toronto (Canada) and, before that, a BSc in Computer Science at Universidad Nacional del Sur in Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

My research falls in the intersection between knowledge representation, AI automated planning, and agent-oriented programming. In a nutshell, my research seeks better representation models and algorithms for programming intelligent controllers operating in complex and dynamic environments. At RMIT I teach courses mostly related to the mathematical foundations of Computer Science, such as Theory of Computation, Discrete Mathematics, and Artificial Intelligence.

I am also very interested in bringing Computational Thinking to the community, particularly to children and youth. I have delivered/supported various workshops on algorithmic thinking, participated in recent MAV conferences, and been part of VCAA study review panel for the Algorithmics (HESS) VCE program which would come into effect in 2023.

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  • AI planning
  • Agent Programming
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Goal Recognition
  • Reactive Synthesis
  • Reasoning about Action and Change
  • Sequential Decision Problems
  • Autonomous Systems


  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence, 2005

    University of Toronto

  • Master of Science (Computer Science), 2000

    University of Toronto

  • BSc in Computer Science, 1997

    Universidad Nacional del Sur


Here is an overview of some of the projects/topics that I have interest on and where there may be opportunities for PhD, Master, Honours and undergraduate projects.

Advanced forms of AI Planning

Non-deterministic, agent planning programs, adaptive planning, etc.

Agent-oriented Programming & Cognitive Robotics

High-level cognitive programming of robots and controllers

AI 4 Education

Software to support AI courses in Mel & RMIT Unis (Melbourne, AUS)

Behavior Composition

Implementing a complex module from simple devices and behaviors

Business Processes & AI

AI for Business Processes

Goal-Intention Recognition

Determining the intention of an agent by observing its behavior.

Reasoning about action & change

Specification, reasoning, and verification of dynamic systems.


PhD Supervision


  • Daniel Manning [2022 - present]; Contextual reasoning of claims in fact checking.
  • Chee Beng Richard Ng [2021 - present; in School of Engineering; associate supervisor]; A Global Expert System to Support Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations.
  • Andres Jaramillo [2019 - present]; Reducing training effort in a non-stationary environment: hand gesture recognition using surface electromyography (sEMG).
  • Lakshman Balasubramanian [2019 - present]; Online Learning Methods for Vehicle Safety Applications.
  • Parthasarathy Nadarajan [2017 - present; at THI Germany]; Efficient Design and Validation of Vehicle Safety Systems based on Predicted Occupancy Grids and Statistical Learning.


  • Max Waters [2021]; Improving plan flexibility by reasoning about action orderings and instantiations. Nominee for best student paper @ AAMAS'14.
  • Peta Masters [2019]; Intention recognition and deception in path planning; Best Student Paper Award @ AAMAS’17.
  • Nitin Yadav [2014]; Behavior Composition Optimisation; Nomination by RMIT CSIT for national CORE best PhD award; Best Paper Award at JELIA'12.
  • Dhirendra Singh [2011]; Learning Plan Selection for BDI Agent Systems; Best PhD thesis in CS at RMIT University
  • Lavindra Priyalal de Silva [2010]; Planning in BDI Agent Systems.
  • Fabio Patrizi [2009; Sapienza Universita' di Roma; as correlatore (assistant supervisor)]; Simulation-based Techniques for Automated Service Composition.


  • Benhao Qu [2021]; Decoupling regression and deadend reasoning from plan search in FOND planning.
  • Yifan Wang [2020]; Benchmarking FOND planning system.
  • Ujjwal Batra [2019; co-supervised]; Automated planning for strategy generation in dynamic domains.
  • Adam Young [2019; co-supervised], Path planning for agent-based simulation on dynamic road networks.
  • Matthew McNally [2017]; Enhancing agent systems with logic-based belief reasoning.
  • Peta Masters [2014]; Path-planning with deadlines.
  • Max Waters [2013; co-supervised]; Coverage and lookahead for Intention selection in BDI Systems.
  • Abhijeet Anand [2011]; Path-planning with incomplete information in dynamic environments.
  • Nitin Yadav [2009]; Implementation and Analysis of Behaviour Composition via Simulation.


I am an Associate Editor for the Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent Systems (JAAMAS).

During 2020-2021 I was part of the VCAA study review panel (as a representative for the University sector) for the Algorithmics (HESS) VCE program which would come into effect in 2023.

I have organized (or I am organizing) the following events:

  • Co-chair of Tutorial and Workshop Co-chair for KR'18 (with Ivan Ivan José Varzinczak).
  • Exhibition Chair for IJCAI'17.
  • Tutorial Program at AAMAS'16 (together with David Pynadath).
  • Student Scholarship program at AAMAS'15 (together with Gita Sukthankar)
  • Student Scholarship Co-chair at AAAI'15 (together with Daniele Magazzeni and Sriraam Natarajan)
  • KiBP'12 workshop at KR'11; co-chair with Massimo Mecella and Arthur H.M. ter Hofstede.
  • AI'12 Conference; Publicity Chair.
  • NRAC'11 workshop at IJCAI'11; co-chaired with Stavros Vassos, Pavlos Peppas, Andreas Herzig.
  • DALT'11 and DALT'10 workshop at AAMAS'11 and AAMAS'10; co-chaired with Andrea Omicini and Wamberto Vasconcelos..
  • ProMAS'08 workshop at AAMAS'08; co-chaired with Koen Hindiks & Alexander Pokahr.
  • “Action and Belief Change” track at NMR'08 workshop (collocated with CP&ICAPS in Sydney); co-charied with Dongmo Zhang.

I am a regular Area Chair, Senior Program Committee member, or Program Committee member for IJCAI, AAAI, ICAPS, KR, and AAMAS.

I also regularly review for various journals, including the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) and Artificial Intelligence (AIJ).


These are the courses I generally teach at RMIT:

I have also thought short intense PhD/Master level courses overseas (Italy, Spain, Argentina) as well as staff training workshops at Agent-Oriented Software (AOS), a company based in Melbourne providing agent-based solutions for complex control applications.

Do you have questions about some of my courses? Please check this FAQ before emailing me, maybe the answer to your question is already there! ;-)


  • +61 (03) 9925 9624
  • School of Computing Technologies, RMIT University (City Campus), Office 14.08.7D (Building 14 / Level 8 / Room 7D), 414-418 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • From Swanston Street & Victoria Street, enter RMIT in Building 14 (or 12 or 10). Go up 1.5 flights of stairs to what is called level 4 and take the elevator to floor 8. After getting off the elevator, turn left and walk all the way to the end towards building 14. Enter the School of Computer Science area (by passing a glass door) and follow the corridor all the way to the Intelligent System Group common area. You should find my room there in the first common area; Room 7D.